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Protecting Your Business Continuity

Allowing You to Focus on Your Growing Your Practice

Securing Your Uptime

We manage our customer’s computers with enterprise grade security tools, as required by HIPAA. Our team continuously monitors the conditions of your computers to maintain uptime and business continuity. Your staff will have a responsive team to lean on for phone or onsite support whenever needed.

Remote Monitoring and Management
Network Engineer

Our Live Service Desk is our highly trained and professional support staff that is available to answer any questions or requests should you need to call us during business hours. Additionally, we will provide you with a small program for each computer that allows you to quickly and easily submit support requests. We also offer a dedicated email address that allows you to create support cases within our Proactively Monitored, Service Support System.

Support is available when you need it. Our On-Demand Support feature is included within our plans to ensure that when you need help, we are here to help you.

Feeling Overwhelmed by repetitive, mundane tasks in your office environment? F1 iT will help you design and implement a technical solution to reduce your workload and improve your business workflow to allow you to get back to what matters…running your business.

In another effort to ensure you receive the help you need, when you need it, we have deployed a dedicated webpage that allows you to submit trouble and incident requests at the click of a mouse.

Behind the scenes of all your desktops, laptops, and mobile devices is a network with a gateway to the internet to ensure all your devices are connected. We are here to make sure that your devices stay connected and are up to date to ensure they are protected against the latest threats.

Are your mobile devices plaqued by constant failures or connectivity issues? Our Mobile Device Management helps to reduce, and many cases eliminate those types of issues by ensuring the user experience consistent across your devices. This improves productivity with your devices and helps ensure they remain secure.

Cyber Security
Laptop Lock

The backbone of our Cyber Security Suite. Our managed Anti-virus protects your
computers against the most significant, malicious computer threats that exist in the world. Our Anti-Virus proactively scans and monitors your computers to prevent potential threats.

Our Evasive Scripting Shield takes our Anti-Virus protection to the next level. The Scripting Shield works with the Anti-Virus to proactively monitor for the scripts that could inadvertently be downloaded onto your computer, even without you knowing. The Evasive Scripting Shield will stop the script from running to prevent any potential malicious software from downloading.

Our DNS Filtering Service is a service designed to protect your business against visiting potential malicious websites by monitoring the connections between your computers and the internet. This provides for the most reliable, trouble free connection by looking up the web addresses being accessed by your computers to ensure they are safe. Additionally, this service may be used to ensure your employees are only visiting work related websites during their work hours.

Account Takeover Protection is a service that takes a proactive approach against the possibility of your information being compromised. Using the latest information from the DarkWeb (provided by Federal law enforcement), Take Over Protection will inform you if your email address and/or website domain is believed to be in possession of ill-doers.

Productive Team

Secure Remote Access allow you to access your computer from another computer, securely, as long as you have internet access.

The Latest in Office Products from Microsoft. We can create and manage your subscriptions for Microsoft Office Applications and hosted email to sure the availability of your office products and work email do not miss a beat and all your products stay up to date.

Our GSuite Management Service will ensure your Google Suite collaboration tools are always available when you need them. With our tiered GSuite offerings, we will make sure you have the appropriate productivity suite for your business.

Compliance Standards

Secure Email is more important now, than ever before. Our Secure Business Email is designed with the Heathcare industry in mind. It allows Healthcare providers to send and receive sensitive, confidential information with patients, that would otherwise be forbidden over normal email.

Paperless Web Forms allow you to convert your old paper forms into a digital solution that can be sent via secure email. With the proper subscription plan, your patients can even digitally sign your forms, allowing for a completely paperless solution.

Active Directory is a service that allows all users, file permissions, and Computer Access permissions to be managed in one place. Additionally, Active Directory can provide reporting related to the access of secure computer systems, providing a necessary component of meeting HIPAA compliance.

In this day and age of adaptive, complex threats, our authentication for our computers must be even more complex to prevent unintended, malicious access. We can help you convert all your digital solutions to 2 Factor Authentication to ensure you are using the latest in security measures and thus meeting the requirements for PCI and HIPAA compliance.

A Business Continuity and Disaster plan is important for any business. Our service will provide you with the necessary tools and backup your data to an offsite location to ensure you are meeting, not only your internal needs for Business Continuity, but ensure your Customer or Patient information is protected per HIPAA compliance guidelines.

Our Password Management Service will help by providing the tools necessary to allow your passwords to be stored securely, in one location.

Depending on your Service Plan subscription level, we provide a recurring,
prescheduled, organized, business review at your location. We will review many aspects of your business to ensure your growth prospects are being met. We will also take the opportunity to ensure your expectations of F1 iT are being met to ensure we continue providing the excellent service our Customers have come to expect.

F1 iT, Inc. is commited to exceeding the requirements necessary to ensure our
businesses are HIPAA complaint. We are familiar with the requirements of Business Associate Agreements and will sign one for our customers to ensure they meet HIPAA Compliance requirements.

As experienced experts in our specialized field, we work hard to ensure all of our service offerings are meeting and exceeding the requirements. We are familiar with the process of becoming PCI and HIPAA so we not only install compliant solutions within your business, we agree to meet the necessary guidelines within our own organization to ensure the entire chain of technical solutions exceed the requirements necessary for PCI and HIPAA compliance.

We recognize the responsibility you have placed upon us for securing your vital information. This responsibility is carried to the end of service when hardware failure or hardware retirement occurs. We take the steps necessary to ensure all data storage devices are physically destroyed prior to following proper environmentally friendly recycling practices.

Web Presence
Brand Strategy

Partnering with the right professional is essential to ensure your business reflects the correct, professional image on the web. With our Website Development and Hosting service plan, we will provide full website hosting and make content charges to reflect your business’ goals.

With our Domain and DNS Record Management solution, we will manage the administrative tasks of your web domain related to the flow of email, website
administration, domain renewals, and more.

Search Engine Optimization provides for the optimization of your website to ensure your website appears near the top of search engine results when certain keywords are searched for.

Our Social Media Management plan provides for recurring updates to your web presence. We will provide recurring posts to major social media sites to allow your business to remain visible.

Our Blog Development team will coordinate with you and our Social Media
Management and Web Development teams to ensure your business has the ability to provide blog posts to enhance your coomunications with your current and future customers.

Yealink VOIP Phones

Our Telephone System management service allows us to be the Administrators of your phone system. We can assist with adding/removing phones, installing new phones, adding/changing users, updating voicemails, and much more.

GoToConnect (powered by Jive) is a full-featured Voice over IP telephony service. As a Cloud-based service, no onpremise server infrastructure is required for GoToConnect’s telephony and other communication and collaboration tools.

F1 iT is a certified installer for Weave Products. Weave is a Business
communication and collaboration toolset. Weave fulfills many business requirements including telephony, business and scheduling tools, paperless forms, messaging and much more.

Our ISP Procurement service allows us to provide your business with the best deal on Internet Access. We conduct all the research, find out what services are available for you and provide you with a competive quote to meet the needs of your business.

Biometric Fingerprint PIN Scanner Access Control

Our primary focus is to ensure your business is protected. We are experienced installers of many major CCTV solutions. Our higher end cameras can even provide for object searching, facial recognition, and even license plate identification. Our cloud based solutions allow for your recordings to be safely stored and retrieved from the cloud so you know your recordings are safe.

Our Burglar Alarm installation and Maintenance  services ensure your state of the art burglar alarm is fully protecting your home or business. Additionally, our 24/7 monitoring ensures you are always protected.

Our Access Control installation and Maintenance services allow for electronically controlled locks to be installed and administered remotely so you can always control the access to your business. We will work with you to discuss the access that your individual employees should have for specific areas in your facility and devise a solution that works within your budget.

Onsite Service
Computer Technician Service

Like any well-oiled machine, many of your Computer Systems require regular maintenance. Our Maintenance experts can provide prescheduled, onsite visits to ensure all of your equipment is working as it should. This may include anything from cleaning and checking your security cameras for normal operation to ensuring your computers are staying up to date with the latest operating system.

Using our services will allow for fewer, unscheduled outages. However, inevitably, something may go amiss. Our certified onsite technicians will visit your location and provide necessary parts and labor to ensure all your technology solutions return to proper operational state.

Whether you are looking for Technical Project Management to build new office or simply install a new phone jack, Our Project Specialists will work onsite with you to ensure all of your requirements are met. Our range of services include reading and mock technical installation plans, running and terminating cables. installing CCTV systems, Burglar Alarms, Full Suite Audio systems, large computer system deployments, and much more.

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