DNS Filtering

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What Is DNS Filtering?

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Our DNS Filtering Service is a service designed to protect your business against visiting potential malicious websites by monitoring the connections between your computers and the internet. This provides for the most reliable, trouble free connection by looking up the web addresses being accessed by your computers to ensure they are safe. Additionally, this service may be used to ensure your employees are only visiting work related websites during their work hours.

How Does DNS Filtering Work?

Remote monitoring software tracks and constantly monitors all of your computers, servers and devices electronically and  transmits secure messages when something fails or goes down.

What Is The Purpose Of A DNS Attack?

All businesses large and small should have Remote Monitoring. Besides software and erratic power outages, unfortunately, hackers and nefarious sources will try to infiltrate your systems. Remote monitoring allows the checks and balances all businesses need to thrive in todays tech-centric world.

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