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F1 iT, Inc. has been recognized, time and time again for leading the New York tri-state area as trusted and responsive dental technology advisors. With offices in Manhattan and Long Island, F1 is well positioned to provide highly comprehensive products and services throughout our coverage area.

As a startup, more than 10 years ago, F1 provided basic break-fix solutions for dental offices. F1 has now grown its team of technology professionals with a demonstrated competency for providing comprehensive business solutions for small and medium healthcare practices.

Utilizing our developed relationships with leading dental technology providers and key organizations, we have positioned ourselves in the center of the dental industry to become a leading provider of managed business and IT solutions for all dental practices. Additionally, utilizing our extensive technology portfolio, F1 has become an expert at formulating custom solutions for a wide range of technical challenges.

Managed Service Providers

We are a managed service provider focused on helping dental practices succeed. We’ve developed processes to evaluate, design, implement, maintain and innovate technology solutions for our valued clients. The same processes keep those clients on the leading edge of dentistry. We know the industry, understand the equipment, and are masterful at implementation. Our staff is empowered to develop themselves and be sympathetic to our clients’ needs. Company integrity relies heavily on our shared core values of leadership, pride, consistency, adaptability, and appreciation. By making technology invisible, F1 aids practices by allowing doctors and their staff to focus on their patients and growth.

F1 iT, Inc. has invested considerable resources into ensuring that we are partnered with many industry leaders:
Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Microsoft, Google, JumpCloud, Hushmail, Splashtop, and many more.


It is our honor to serve those who serve with us. We make every effort in every way to take a proactive stance in achieving goals together.


Bringing innovation and the power of resolution to situations, clients, and the market. We understand things are unpredictable and have the knowledge and experience to navigate around the unexpected.


Going beyond what is required to produce the extraordinary.


The highest level of uniformity. Excellence at its best. Consistent work is the easiest to predict and troubleshoot.


We’re respectful of each other, our resources and clients. Everyone’s situation is different, so we’re sympathetic to each practice’s needs and budget.

Your Dream. Our Mission.

We Believe In Hard Work And Dedication

Leading the NY Tri-State area as trusted and responsive technology advisors.

We offer reliable, standardized, managed technology services to forward-thinking, growth-minded dentists who delegate their technology decisions to our experts.

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Operations Manager

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Systems Engineer

Bobby Olivo

Implementation Specialist

Luis Guerrero

Senior Field Technician

Justin Barash

Service Desk Analyst

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